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3 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. GallaudetBabyBison
    January 23, 2012 at 8:39 AM #


    By definition it is a source of how things are “run”

    In the case of how I am going to use this term, it’s going to be more associated by its meaning of “Authority”. Hence, the power of how things are run at Gallaudet University. Allow me to state, its undermining the overall authority of its students, clients and most importantly “We” as customers.

    It appears to me, as I and my fellow classmate’s meet all of the classification mentioned above, our power, authority seems to be slipping away as each semester begins. As I, started my freshmen year at Gallaudet. Like many of my classmates, we are lead to believe that the choices and decisions we make are “Ours” and ours alone. Though, one has to ask, “Is it?”

    I’m quite sure we’ve all experience situations that can be chalked up as ” stuff happens”, though one has to wonder, did it happen for a reason, is there a logic explanations of such “Power” to be shifted to the hands of an “un accredited” educational institution? Somewhere down the line, Gallaudet University has lost its sole purpose of what our “Founding Fathers” built Gallaudet’s foundation on, Piece by piece, layers by layers, fingers by fingers. Our founding fathers created Gallaudet for “Us” deaf humans. To be taught, to have the “Power” and knowledge to have “Say” in how “We” decide what is best for “Our” education. Indeed, that isn’t the case as of today current situation. The power has evidently been taken away from each student, as a consumer. While, it certainly a misguided notion on Gallaudet part, to insist that students are nothing more than a source of income for its University. We, indeed are more than that, in fact, we are the very reason of why “Our, Founding Fathers” established Gallaudet.

    However, as a freshman I don’t see those whom are administrators’, professors, staff and employees. Grasping that concept, surely it’s evidently clear why they don’t. I’m willing to bet, a vast majority of students can see it as well. Give up??? It’s because, they don’t “sign” ASL! Hence they aren’t “DEAF” and because they do not have the identity or its culture background. It leads to what is known as a “Hearing Paternalistic” view amongst those whom is employed at the University. In fact, it has spread so rapidly throughout the campus. It’s no wonder why the power has gone out of control. Let me give you examples of such power loss for “Us” students at Gallaudet.

    As classes begins, each Professor hands out a paper called a “Syllabus”, whereas it is a document of what is expected of us students as to of rules, expectations and classwork assignments. Now seems pretty common, what I don’t get is these are the expectation of the Professors, though what about US students expectations of a professor responsibilities? That is, when we meet their expectations of rules and class assignments. We have an expectation of them providing us our “Grades”, teaching us facts, not their opinions. To be a professional not a “Parent”, as some like to be. As I, sat through 16 wks., in a class room and did everything that I as a student am supposed to do. I was never able to receive my grades by the professor and/or on the blackboard. When I questioned it, I was told “YOUR GET IT, when it’s available!” Excuse me, this is unacceptable! I have the RIGHT to know my grades; I don’t wait until you the PROFESSOR is dam good and ready. It doesn’t work that way, you expected me to follow your expectations, I expect you to meet MINE! That is to know the grades, so I understand where I stood throughout the course. I still to this day, do not even know what I made on my final exam and or its class assignments. This is just one of many mis place power amongst the Professors and/or teachers. They have all this power and can’t even do their JOB as they were HIRED to do!!. Instead, they use this “Power” to hide behind the fact they SUCK as a teacher, some who have no business teaching, they only have a B.A degree’s and they don’t SIGN “ASL”, if we students are lucky enough, that they do sign its only S.E.E. Maybe students don’t realize, but to teach at GALLAUDET University, Professors/Teachers are required to have a P.H.D, and they must have a certain level on the ASLPI. It is a known fact; these Teachers, Professors, Staff and Employees have no level and/or did not pass. Certainly, Gallaudet abused the POWER to disregard “Our Founding Fathers” requirement for Gallaudet University. One could say someone in the higher level, SOLD THE VERY “SOUL OF GALLAUDET” for MONEY. As you read, your will get the reason why..

    The power between students and professors are indeed in a crisis. I can state for certainty on behalf of my classmates, we don’t need a “parent figure” we need professors that can communicate in our language “ASL”; we need professors to act professional and not to take actions as a judge, jury and executioner. Yes, a professor overstepped the boundaries and did not follow the procedure of its so called “Gallaudet handbook” of conducts. Again, POWER! Its apparent students are expected to obey within, reasonable limits that Gallaudet sets up as “rules” but it’s quite obvious, administrators, professors, teachers, staff and its employee are exempt from it! I’ll prove it to you; a student was kicked out of class and was given an “F” by a professor whom didn’t like an “alleged” comment. Without any proof of this alleged comment was stated, no investigations, no documentation on it, nothing. The professor simply kicked a student out of class and failed that student. Interesting, isn’t it? What happened to “due process”? What happened to following the procedures? The student was informed, professors have “The Right, The Power, The Authority” to make such decision, the response was from the Department Chair Person. I’m sorry, they are WRONG!!! They only have the right if you are caught “cheating, plagiarizing” even at that, teachers have to report it and follow procedures as describes in the handbook of the students code. Surely, something this professor didn’t do. Once again, POWER!!! No one defended this student, but you can bet!!! The professor was defended by the “Good old boy system”. While, the student lost its “Scholarship” and other financial funds, this professor got away with over stepping the boundaries as a “professor”. Where was GALLAUDET to represent this student? I tell you where, waiting by the “mailbox” to collect its MONEY to keep its doors open at the expense of that student funds, integrity and character! More importantly, Gallaudet disregarded that student “rights” to have a fair hearing in front of the student conduct board. Again, POWER!!! And the outright, ABUSE OF IT!. Another disgusting example of “Power” seems students have to register courses and do so before the deadline, and if a student decides to add or drop courses after the deadline, Gallaudet will charge an additional $5.00 for each add and drop courses. However, if Gallaudet decides to drop a course within last minute of a new semester, we as students are to accept that and deal with the struggle of finding a replacement course. Now, due to a course that was dropped by Gallaudet and to find a replacement class that does not conflicts with the other pre-registered courses. Then it’s a “Blessing”. However, when it’s LAST MINUTE “literally” and all classes are booked, if by chance there are courses available but it conflicts with your other pre-registered courses. One has no choice, but to drop all pre-registered courses and re select new courses! Guess what, you are now hit up $5.00 for every course YOU dropped and add. Indeed, another form of “ABUSING IT’S POWER”, that is to “Rip off students”. Knowing darn well, they “Gallaudet” waited to the very end, to drop the bomb that a course has been dropped that was selected (2 months previously) only to inform you, the very second the class is to begin. What is even more, disturbing, no other colleges or university charges any additional fees for “Add/Drop Courses”, in fact other institution give you a week to make a determination. Free of Charge, How’s that for ABUSING POWER FOR FUNDS. Indeed, exploiting the abuse of power. Here’s another example, having to purchase books at the Bison Store, for a class. A particular book was needed and I ask for help to find the book. In the search of it, it came to an understanding from another employee it was in storage (Basement). However, I as a customer was ORDER to come back at another time, because “They “have to go to lunch! I was “Dumbfounded”, here I am a CUSTOMER and I’m being TOLD to come back, because that employee goes on LUNCH BREAK!, are you kidding me !! This is a classic example of how “Gallaudet’s Employee’s”, treats its students, mind you, A PAYING CUSTOMER! I asked of you, Where is the respect? I certainly, would not accept get treated this way OUTSIDE of Gallaudet, in any store!!!. So why is it, I, my fellow students are being treated this way in a University? I tell you why, because Gallaudet has way too much POWER. The misconception of students on Gallaudet behalf is surely a dangerous notion. To a certain degree, Students do have to follow and respect the rules. However, what about GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY? Once again, the “POWER” to screw the students over, and we as customers/Students are supposed to accept it? I , BEG TO DIFFER !! We don’t dare nor are we allowed to speak up about its concerns. That is a no, no; otherwise you’re told “Your attitude is unacceptable”! Seriously, get real!!! Gallaudet, whole procedures of “Screwing over the Paying Customer” is UNACCEPTABLE! That’s right we are students, but we are also, “CUSTOMERS” .Who PAY to come to this University or did Gallaudet forget that concept! It doesn’t matter where the funds come from. The fact is we are students and customers. I for one am getting sick and tired of being treated like CRAP, DISRESPECTED by this University!!!! By that, let me give you another example, I and my fellow classmates are being treated with this attitude as in “WE NEED GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY” let me assure Gallaudet University and its “Employees” of all categories. Its “YOU” that need me and my fellow students to continue your operations, without “US” Gallaudet campus would be a “Museum”!!! a place of the past, as to be remembered of how our founding fathers had a dream and this current administrators, professors, teachers, staff and employees abuse their power to push its Deaf customers away!!!!!! I’m sure Gallaudet is aware, but just in case they don’t. Let me share with them. There are now more colleges and universities around the United States of America to provide the educational needs for ALL students to obtain a college degree. Not to mention, they are “Accredited”. YOU are not the only “Gig” in town. Perhaps, Gallaudet University needs to re assess their power? Remember, as the saying goes “You, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” Hence if students leave Gallaudet “Our” campus will come to an end!

    Let this be fair warning, knock it off with the “Power Struggle”, “THE RIP OFF’S”, “THE DISRESPECT” E.T.C, and more importantly HIRE PROFESSORS, TEACHERS, STAFF AND EMPLOYEES THAT SIGN “ASL” hence they are DEAF! Follow the rules as “Our Founding Fathers” set them to be, as “We” the students have too. Lastly, start respecting the students as customers that keep this campus running. You “Gallaudet University” are already being punished by the federal government, by that; your accreditation is temporarily suspended. Do you want the students to permanently close the campus down? I can picture it now, The “Founding Fathers” are slowly, but surely turning over in their graves; this is NOT what they had built this campus on.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Gallaudet Baby Bison

    An Unhappy Customer & Student


    • liane
      February 11, 2012 at 11:29 PM #

      cool story bro

    • tldr
      February 12, 2012 at 12:11 AM #

      what? tl;dr!

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