Advertising Editor-in-Cheif Position for 2012-2013

By Alyssa Romano

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I was elected as the new Editor-in-Chief for The Buff and Blue. Now, it is someone else’s turn to take over the helm of this wonderful student newspaper! For those who are interested in assuming the Editor-in-Chief position, please feast your eyes on the description and expectations below to see if you still fancy this position. If not, I strongly encourage you to apply for the other staff positions at The Buff and Blue. I say that because my personal growth while working with this organization over the course of last two years has been massive!

Anyway, the Editor-in-Chief will be expected to:

-manage the content of The Buff and Blue  and decides whether the articles are accurate, controversial, or even unprintable

-maintain relationship with the community

-hire and oversee the Buff and Blue staff
-set up meetings for staff and writers
-organize and maintains scheduled deadlines
-take over tasks when necessary

-be accessible on emails at all times

-resolve office conflicts, if any

-uphold the reputation of The Buff and Blue

…and basically anything else that is necessary to keep the organization going.

Qualities expected of the Editor-in-Chief are:

*good time management skills
*good organization skills
*up to date on international, national, deaf, and Gallaudet news
*good interpersonal skills

*fast email responder

*it is also favorable for you if you have already taken Foundation of Journalism class before applying


Lastly,,the Editor-in-Chief is also a role model to the community– and you can be the next one!


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