Editor’s Letter

The Buff and Blue team would like to welcome you back to Gallaudet University for another eventful semester. Just like always, we will continue to be the proud messenger of all that is on the Kendall Green.

The Buff and Blue will have taken a more political angle to our newspaper this semester, having already contributing to the fight for preventing censorship. That fight is essential for many publications, including ours. It is never easy for any publication to be free of biases, but we will continue to portray the truth as well as strive for the best representation of the student experience at Gallaudet University. With that being said, we will carry on the frequency of our news distribution: web articles weekly and print issues monthly. (There will also be some new content within the Extras!)

As mentioned about our increased political angle, we want to honor our commitment to the First Amendment, our basic human rights, with renewed vigor. One route we’re taking is releasing new shirts that reflect the essential components of the First Amendment. This might seem like a small project to you. However, the First Amendment isn’t just about free speech! Do you remember the other parts of this Amendment? Perhaps the shirts will serve as a refresher, then. I promise you that it will be bigger than you think, especially with Election Week and the United States presidential election coming up!

I won’t be all business all the time: we will also have many entertaining things for you to look out for! We will be bringing back our high-demand, snuggly blankets again! We will also continue including flipsides, the centerpiece pull-out posters in our issues. Keep an eye out for further Buff and Blue products, including bumper stickers or even some potential college-related gifts! Lastly, there will be events and contests where you will have a chance to win varied merchandise.

We have a promising year coming up, full of resolutions and the unknown! For some of you, it will be your last semester at Gallaudet. Regardless, everyone should make the best of it and strive to be protectors of our First Amendment!


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