How To: Be a DC Expert and Not Another Tourist

Photo by Brittany Frank

What many people who actually live in DC (like you Gallaudetians!) may not realize is just how lucky they are to live in a city that offers so much to see and do. Here is a couple of tips that would help you get a start on taking full advantage of living in a place as spectacular as DC:

1. Get a SmarTrip card!

With all the confusion about all the different fares (regular, reduced, peak, and even the ridiculous “peak of the peak”), it can get mighty frustrating, even tiring, to figure out how far your $5 can take you. The great news is that you can save time (especially money) with a SmarTrip card, which can shave up to 25¢ off of every trip you take with the Metro without the disability discount.
Now, if you have a ‘hearing loss,’ you could qualify for the Metro’s Reduced Fare program, you’d travel at half-price! It’s incredibly easy–all you have to do is get your hearing tested at the audiology center at SLCC (where you will receive the application form). Then, drop off the forms to the Metro worker who comes by once every other week to set up a booth, next to the Bison Shop. Also, check out the Daily Digest to see when the worker’s next visit will be, so you can  be on your way to being a savvy city traveler!

2. Acknowledge the Atlas District…

First of all, the daylife/nightlife in Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan may be amazing and well-known, but do you realize what a gem we have right here in the Northeast area? With all the renovations being done on H Street, more and more attention is being brought to the area.
In the mood to relax with a quality cup of joe while exploring the internet? You could go to the community-oriented SOVA between 13th and 14th St. or Sidamo, with an Ethiopian groove, located between 4th and 5th St. If you’re feeling hungry, plenty of restaurants and eateries to choose from are on H St..Dr. Granville Moore’s Brickyard between 12th and 13th has the best tasting mussels or Smith Commons (which may be a bit snobbish, but their mushroom burgers–out of this world)!
Now, to finish up the night on H St., you can go bar-hopping for as long as three blocks (depending on how much you enjoy your drinks and company at each place)! Here is just a few to check out: Little Miss Whiskey (a hole-in-the-wall with New Orleans decor); Queen Victoria – a right proper English pub–do try a Snakebite, but make sure they go heavy on the black currant; and the Rock and Roll Hotel where the music will definitely get your heart pumping!

Craving for more tips? There will be more tips coming soon to help you continue the exploration of the city of Washington to the fullest!

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