If You Could Go Back in Time for 24 Hours Where Would You Go?


Monica Keller

4th year student

I want to go back to the time where the Women’s Suffrage happened. It started in year 1848 in Seneca Falls, NY. I want to experience the protests and movement for women’s rights.

Let’s go take another fight for women’s rights. Shouldn’t be that hard!?



Donald Everton-Lovell

2nd year student

I would go back to the middle of the hundred years war, which is around year 1400. It was one of the most important wars in history for England and France.

There is someone who knows his history. And that isn’t even American History! Color me impressed.



Cesar Ayala

5th year student

I would go back to the “Deaf President Now” protest in 1988. I got to experience the recent protest in 2006 here at Gallaudet, and that’s why I would love to experience the “Deaf President Now” movement.

If you’re creative, you could easily make a new movement here at Gallaudet. Big potential for changes around here.


Dominic Harrison

4th year student

I would definitely go back to last year where I was on a Royal Caribbean Cruise for Spring Break 2011 and Aruba for another 24 hours. I was treated like a rich man on that ship and Aruba has its unique landscape, the best beach I ever have been to and also the culture exposure was great there.

Don’t make us miss the summer, sun and beach too much. The fall is already depressing enough!


This week I ran into another alter ego who would use this opportunity to change the world for the better… For us deaf people.

Karley Crueltz

3rd year student

I would simply go back right before Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention, the telephone. I would then end his life, proclaiming  that I accidentally ran over him with a horse-drawn carriage. Then we would be freed from a true audist today.


Disclaimer: The alter ego’s opinion does not reflect any actual opinion except that of him or herself. It is purely for humorous purposes.

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