Release the freak in you: spirit week

Photo by Courtney Huru

Spirit week kicked off on Sunday, October 16 at the football field with an obstacle-course-type game. Each class had to choose a representative for different parts of the obstacle course which included running across a minefield (an imaginary one, of course), kicking a field goal, running a lap on the track field, drawing a picture of Sonic with ketchup and mustard, and etc. There was an excellent turnout from each one of the classes–especially the freshmen who were obviously inexperienced, but excited and highly intoxicated. The seniors, Class of 2012, had an especially small turnout on Sunday, putting an extra load of activity on the class.

Monday was Wild West day. That night’s event included “a minute to win it” games and Fear Factor eating contest at Marketplace. The “a minute to win it” games included pencil toss, tic-tac shake, rubber band sling shot, and many other games where each class had a minute to complete a certain task. The Fear Factor eating contest included plenty of grotesque food such as barbeque-covered Sour Patch Kids. Vomit was flying! President Alan Hurwitz even made an appearance. Enough said.

Tuesday’s attire was dress like an object! It turned out to be confusing and even difficult for some; however, there still were a good number of people who did dress like an object.  Some freshman kid even dressed up like a condom! Later that evening the activity was a trivia-type game; each class had a representative to answer general knowledge questions and questions related to Gallaudet. After that, there was a freak show! It was kind of like a gong show. Random people would run up on the stage and perform anything they wanted to until the judges kicked them off stage. There was plenty of laughter and odd looks going all around.

What happened on Wednesday? Of course, it was Buff and Blue Wednesday! My favorite day of the week! Nothing screams “Gallaudet University” more than everyone on campus proudly wearing Buff and Blue. That night’s activity was at the pool, which was a first for the spirit week events in a while. Activities at the pool included biggest splash contest, perfect dive contest, synchronized swimming contest, and a relay swim. As aforementioned, the idea of pool activities was completely new to Gallaudet’s homecoming spirit week–and obviously enjoyed by many!

Thursday, the Gallaudet student body released their inner freak and dressed up pertaining to this year’s Homecoming theme, Le Cirque! Some dressed like a ringleader, some in animal prints, and many more. That night’s activity occurred after the homecoming volleyball game at the gym which consisted of random games such as passing cards using only your mouth and popping balloons with two people acting out a sex position. Such actions aren’t something people see their friends doing every day; therefore, spectators couldn’t help but enjoy themselves.

Spirit week was coming to an end on Friday, with class colors being dragged around Kendall Green.  There was no activity that night due to the traditional pep rally occurring at the Field House. Inside, it was filled with students and alumni alike. President Hurwitz visited again and this time, he gave an excellent speech. The football coach, Chuck Goldstein, gave an inspiring speech which probably encouraged some attendees to party even harder during the homecoming weekend! The new Bison Song team for this year was announced: Lorne Farovitch and Lani Murashige as singers and Brittnie Culley as their drummer.

After all had been said and done, the spirit week was a complete success–thanks to the hard work of the Spirit Week Chairperson, Meghan Laughlin; her assistant, Travis Zornoza; and the rest of the Homecoming Committee. And, of course, thanks to everyone who participated in the spirit week events!

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  1. liane
    October 29, 2011 at 6:00 PM #

    Um, did you even go to the spirit week events at all? It doesn’t look like you even went at all and just asked what was planned for that night. How can you say people enjoyed Wednesday night?

    If you didn’t go, please don’t write news about it. Let someone who went write about it.

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