Bald Day 2018

“How does it feel?” “Hey, you actually don’t look too bad!” “Do you like it?” Questions kept flying at me. I was so in awe as Bald Day finally approaches. This is the day that many freshmen have been anticipating for. I had absolutely no idea what it would be like.

I was only able to glimpse through some of Instagram posts and videos by BisonTV from the previous class’s Bald Day. When I started my hair journey, I was already excited about the idea of shaving my hair off. However, I did not realize how special and enriching the experience would be! Bald Day really is about more than just hair.

After months of bleaching my hair and showering it with many different colors, it suddenly felt as if I simply blinked and Bald Day has already arrived. As I was walking to LLRH6, I kept imaging what the event would be like. Once I entered the building, the dorm was flooded with freshmen! With friends and families all gathered together, the line was so long that I was not able to see the other freshmen shaving their hair. For a while, I was able to distract myself, but that didn’t last. As soon as I saw students with buzz cuts leaving the dorm to shave the rest off with a razor, it finally hit me; I will be bald.

Emotions and thoughts hit me all at once. “How would I look?” “What does being shaved feel like?” “Am I a cone head?” However, through these thoughts and emotions, I am proud to say that I did not have any second thoughts or worries! I was SO excited. Finally, it was my turn. I see a black chair waiting for me, and although it may just be a chair, it was much more than that to me. It was a symbol of a new change and a journey of self-love. I could see that is how many freshmen were feeling, as well. Going through of all this is completely different than just watching others shave. There is something special about doing it alongside your classmates, as we were able to start our journeys together at ease. The room was a rollercoaster full of emotions. Some students had doubts about it, while some students were thrilled. Even though our reactions were different, we were able to bond over the fact that we did it together as a class.

As my friends and family took turns shaving my head, I was feeling nostalgic. As memories of dying my hair were flowing through my mind, I wondered if I will ever miss my hair. My sister exclaimed, “All finished!” Feeling my shaved head for the first time was surreal. I walked towards the huge poster to sign my name and I am officially the 31st person to shave! As I take a good look around the room, the energy surrounding me was amazing. I took in every single moment and knew I made the right decision to participate.

Time has gone by and it has already been a month! My hair currently resembles a kiwi and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Looking back, I realized that Bald Day is a milestone that every Gallaudet student should experience, whether it’s participating or watching. Bald Day 2018 truly holds a special place in my heart. #BHGOAT

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