The Greatest Movie of All Time

Any sane person would say that The Lion King is the greatest movie of all time. Long before I had become a world-renowned amateur movie critic, I was a child. Not just any kind of child though, I was the least impressionable child there ever was. Movies didn’t seem like something I could really sit through without potentially yawning or snoring. Even the film Die Hard was dull. I didn’t feel like watching movies was going to be something I enjoyed, but one day, my mom brings home the VHS tape of my savior, The Lion King.

Almost immediately, I was hooked. In the very first scene, they played a song that could make a hard-of-hearing toddler smile, like I did. Why? Because it wasn’t in English, so I wasn’t obligated to know any of the actual words. Especially since at that time, I still haven’t even realized I was hard-of-hearing, until a few years later. Anyhow, once the first scene established what was going on, my eyes were glued to the screen. I have fell in love for the very first time.

The Lion King was the movie that opened my eyes about the repercussions of death. Once you’re gone, your family have to pick themselves up afterwards and try to live with your memory as a testament to how they should live. Unless of course, if you’re pure evil, they rid you from their mind completely. Simba and Mufasa helped me understand what the relationship between a boy and his father looked like. It taught me that even if I don’t have my dad with me, I can still persevere to achieve success.

The teaching moments in this film helped me psychology develop my own megalomaniac persona when it comes to my future. I even wanted to be a king after watching this film. It just seemed like it was an easy living. Well, besides the possibility of one of my siblings trying to kill me over the throne, I would have a relatively cool lifestyle. I get to eat what I want, declare my own rules, have loyalty, and all that jazz. As a child, I was sure that it was my destiny. Unfortunately, my family haven’t been royalty since back when my great-grandparents were alive, but oh well…

The Lion King is a movie like no other and it has continuously changed my perception of what life is and how to live it to the best of my ability. How often will a movie do that to someone? I mean sure, you can emotionally connect with the characters in other movies, too. However, never has a film pushed me to expect more out of my life than what is given. I can create and destroy my path to success by doing or saying something that inhibits it from being something other than what I want it to be. You may think it’s silly to put so much emotions into a children’s movie, but I would disagree. Movies from our childhood should be a conducting force that helps us realize who or what we want to be in our future. Creativity is weapon, don’t lose it.

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