Limited Café Food or Limited Creativity feed?

Is the food option at Gallaudet’s cafeteria limited or do you limit yourself?

Gallaudet’s Cafeteria has a large variety of food, such as meat, fruits, vegetables, pasta, cheese, and so much more! Yet, people continue to complain about the cafeteria’s shitty food. I get it, thinking about what to eat or make can be quite difficult. However, there are so many other people in the cafeteria who have ideas on what to make. Next time you go into the cafeteria, don’t be afraid to ask someone for an idea! Use other people’s minds and creativity to make the best out of your cafeteria experience! Going to the cafeteria can be boring after eating the same kind of food all the time, but luckily in our era, we have the internet! I highly suggest you use Pinterest, they offer a whole bunch of DIY ideas there. Or even Twitter! Many Gallaudet students like to post their recipes on Twitter for others to use.

For breakfast, the cafeteria tends to seem pretty limited on options for a good hearty meal. One of my favorite recipes for breakfast is a bagel with eggs. First, I put my bagel of preference in the toaster. Then, I walk over to the egg station and make myself some cheesy eggs. By the time I’m done with my eggs, I’ll go get my toasted bagel and add some condiments, then I add my eggs and there you have it! A delicious cheesy egg bagel sandwich!

Same goes for lunch. Only thing that’s ever there is the salad bar. Boring…. Not! There is a variety of lettuce that you can choose from. Next, add dressing, seeds, cheese, or whatever you would like! Then, get some grilled chicken with melted cheese on top and you have the best chicken salad for lunch!

Now it’s time for dinner, and again with the same ol’ food provided in the cafeteria. Bleh, makes you feel unmotivated to go and eat. Well, here’s another idea! For dinner, grab some pasta and put it in the wok along with your preferred spices and veggies. Then grab some chopped grilled chicken from the grill and throw it in with your pasta. Once it is done cooking, add your favorite sauces and spices and then your dinner is ready! Bon appetit! Can’t forget the dessert though! I love to put chocolate chip cookies in the waffle maker to make “waffle cookies” then I’ll add vanilla ice cream between two “waffle cookies.” It is the most delicious, warm, chocolatey, gooey ice cream sandwich you’ll ever have!

I have given you quite a few ideas in regards to what kind of concoctions you can devise in the cafeteria, but are these the only things you can make in the cafeteria? Heck no! There are so many people on campus who go to the cafeteria everyday and they have plenty of ideas on how to keep your meals yummy and delicious! The cafeteria provides so much food, you just have to be creative with putting it all together to make a delicious meal. You just have to make the best out of what we get. For a long time, students have been pointing their fingers towards the cafeteria, saying we have lousy food here. Now you all better point those fingers to yourselves and stop limiting your creativity!

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