What is Life?

What is Life? Nothingness. It’s the beginning of each individual’s life journey. We come out with nothing, and when it’s the time for our dear souls to depart, that is when the word of “nothingness” no longer exists. Till the end, we shall lived through so much. Friendships, relationships, loved ones, enemies; these are what make the life as it is. One may grow up with nothing, but work mercilessly to gain a better life, and another may grow up with everything, but strive for nothing. Life doesn’t work in two ways, but three, four, and more ways! Life is simply a 100-feet string that gets tangled up in a thousand different ways. Tangled or untangled, it’s all matters on how you move forward from whatever experience you may have. “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean.

Everyone believes that there are usually two paths… Wait, who gets to say that there’s only two paths, what if I tell you any differently, that there might actually be more than just two paths? As one will say, which will you go; right or left? I say forward. Not right or left, but forward! If you want go in a zigzag path, that’s YOUR path, great! That’s the missing path many of us has overlooked as seeing that the society has preached so much that it melted into our minds on doing things with two choices or less.

Why do people run for POTUS with a requirement of its party status. To choose a side , Democrat or Republican? The choice is rather yours. One gets to be republican and you get to build the life around that label? Why cannot anyone run for the POTUS because they hold the passion to lead their own country?

In another concept, who are we to choose a path if you hold the passion to see what the life has to provide? To emphasize that concept, our life starts out with nothing, it’s what we make out of it. It is YOUR life. You were not born into this world just to earn other people’s approval, not to be ass kissers, not to be put on a low level as others, and many more. You started out with nothing. Why would YOU want to be judged based on your nothingness? I was born into this world so I can be Garrett, not anyone else. I will live my life as Garrett and I will go on and paths that screams, or preferably SIGN my name. It’s your nothingness… It’s how you make out of it. It is implied that everyone should live their lives in their own ways without having anyone for approval. Remember, you started out with nothing, but you shall go through and live all years to come up with many conclusions to your life. Just be sure to bless upon yourself for being true to yourself before closing your eyes for good. No ragrets.

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