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In 2012, Barack Obama invited all illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows and join DACA. DACA means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Being a part of DACA would allow illegal immigrants to gain a legal status, get proper healthcare, and get an education and/or work. Obama created DACA in order to protect minors who had been brought into the United States as young children from deportation. These children were innocent, their parents had done what they thought was best for their families. Deporting Innocent children is just heartless. Especially if these children have lived their entire lives in the United States.

In early September of 2017, Donald Trump, the president-elect, had declared that his administration will stop DACA.  Since Obama started DACA in 2012, 800,000 illegal immigrants have become documented immigrants through DACA. DACA recipients are all active members within the community, and all are either working or getting an education. Also,  none of them have a criminal record.  I REPEAT, all 800,000 DACA recipients do not have a criminal record due to serious intake and screening when applying for DACA.  Trump still wants to deport all of these outstanding Americans? Wow, just… wow.

Since Trump declared his administration will stop DACA, people all over the United States have been protesting.  Recently, on September 9th, 2017 there was a protest in front of the White House. Gallaudet University’s Latinx Student Union had the opportunity to rally up students and go protesting as well. LSU worked with a few organizations outside of campus such as The Resisters and Trump against America. LSU also contacted several organizations on campus to have even more people come protest.  Around 15 Gallaudetians went to the White House to protest, alongside with hundreds of other people from other organizations and communities.

The protest was a very peaceful demonstration which means no violence came from it. People from all over DC came to support DACA. Many chants were thrown around such as, “ no hate,no fear, immigrants are welcome here!”, “ hey hey, ho ho, white supremacy has got to go!”, and many others chants were created, signed and vocalized.

The students of Gallaudet represented our deaf community by portraying culture so well that the hearing people surrounding them started to copy their signs and chanted alongside the Gallaudet students. For 4 long hours under the sweltering sun, these people chanted, cried, and loved together. Going to this Protest allowed the protestors to feel a sense of unity and pride in themselves. Support, Unity, and Love is desperately needed in these hateful times.

If you have more questions about DACA and what you can do to support the Dreamers, feel free to shoot an email to Jasmin Leon and Pablo Gonzalez

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