Integrity of the Toupee Man

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It was a breezy evening in Washington, DC, the sun was smudged by the February clouds, wintery and bare branches were everywhere. The city appeared so cold, drab, dead, yet it was overflowing with life. People of all kinds bustled about in the District of Columbia.

A white dome shone distinctively in the Capitol Hill. A Liberty Lady topped on the top to constantly remind the citizens of United States that we shall continue to steer in the direction toward liberty. Particularly today there were lot of people visiting the Capitol Building. The reason lies with the newest president of United States. Clad in a oversized black suit, with a red tie bigger than a pizza slice, capped with a flimsy orange toupee, the newest president of United States could be easily be mistaken as a clown, although he is not that much different from one.

Donald Trump, our 45th president of United States, stood on a podium as he cleared his mouth several times. Thousands of people awaited his speech. For a while, he kept on clearing his throat. Donald leaned to a Secret Service agent and whispered, “It must be this time of season where everyone’s getting cold.” The agent solemnly nodded and said, “Must be,” and then added, “Remember the speech.” Donald Trump made an ‘OH’ face and suddenly reality dawned on him. He once again realized that thousands of people were waiting on him. Donald began his speech.


Somewhere in Donald Trump’s speech,


“… as I traveled all across this country, I met with many American families whose loved ones were viciously and violently killed by illegal immigrants…. They are being thrown out of our country, they’re being thrown into prisons, and we will not let them back in… I issued an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from places where it cannot safely occur.”


Donald Trump looked around and smiled. Finally he said “God bless America!”

People hooted and went crazy. Logic and rational part of mind went awry as everyone become lunatic with Trump’s words. The American Spirit roared in everyone.

With the thousands light bulbs going off, Donald gave his famous smile filled with pride and patriarchy as he waved to the frenzied fans and reporters. A breeze whisked his toupee, and it fluttered like a pigeon. His trademark red tie billowed proportionately to his hair. As he stepped into the hallway, away from the pestering and buzzing media, his face took a solemn turn.

His face suddenly appeared to be aged ten years older. Donald sighed and slowed down before entering a wealthy renaissance style fireplace room. Dying embers flickered, glimmering across the room. A Woodford Reserve bottle lied on a salver next to several whisky glasses. Donald took a glance and ignored the bottle. He went straight to the couch.

His face become increasingly red and he closed his face with his palms. Melinda came in silently and leaned on the doorway. Her wrinkles were creased with concern and kindness. She walked and sat next to Donald Trump. Melinda’s hands embraced around Trump and her head leaned on his shoulder.
Trump looked to his wife, his eyes were glassy red, streaked with tears, “Why do I have to keep on doing this?” He took a pause.

“I can see fear and hostility in my citizens. I don’t want this any more,” he sighed.

“Nearly all countries hate us now. It is increasingly difficult for me to keep up with this terrible outlook. Tell me, my wife… Why are we doing this again?”

“Isn’t the United States meant to be a country where everyone could practice their beliefs without feeling incriminated?”

“Do we really need to do this?”

Melinda gently held his quivering chin up and softly whispered, “Look into my eyes.” Donald looked up, face not that much different from a infant. Melinda smiled with such a gentleness. She said, “Remember why we had to do this.” Her eyes fluttered away, looking into the fireplace as fire reflected in her eyes. “This is to… ensure America will never go back into the past.” reminded Melinda. “Remember we are here…” Melinda looked to Donald, “To make America great once again!”

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