Kappa Gamma’s Introductory Event

The first few weeks of college are the beginning of everything, and for some it is just a new chapter. New students have migrated to Gallaudet for a semester to be filled with experiences and growth in different forms. Schedules were handed out like Shakespearean flyers being handed out in the 1600s. Nobody really had any idea what they were supposed to do, yet everyone had the gist of what was going on. Excuses flew around like there was no tomorrow. The polls showed that “But, I did not know…” statement was over-abused during this period. The definition of lifestyle was explored and scrutinized as many started turning to a fresher start. A ridiculous amount of stress was required to cope with an entirely new lifestyle, but sometimes stress is higher than what individuals anticipated to handle. Fortunately, there are a group of students here on campus to fight the stress that we all experience.

Kappa Gamma, the oldest fraternity on the campus hosted an event designated to bash our stress to a controllable level. The topic of the event was “Stampede of Skulls.” The brothers of the fraternity stood by their posts at the Receiving Dock on Gallaudet campus. The Brothers stood out with their dazzling cowboy hats with a skull popping out on the top. Cowboy brothers ensured their vigilance throughout the night serving the students and their needs. Hordes of inebriated students, occasionally sober ones both flocked to Stampede of Skulls. The students’ eyes were filled with crimson hue, obviously from either endless nights of studying, smoking or partying.

Though, the Cowboy brothers handled the stampede fairly well, but the same cannot be said for the skeptic DPS and agitated Campus Activities. DPS officers tried to join with the students and their frenzy filled activities, but they suddenly stopped. They were filled with skeptic fear on how some of these students could persuade some alcohol down their throats. Campus Activities is rather experienced on the events like this one, but CA still was agitated beyond necessary. The CA staffs started to read time wrong and they immediately knew that they needed some Skullburgers to calm down. Have you heard about Kappa Gamma’s famous Skullburger? Skullburgers are gems on the campus that everyone knows about and covets. A single Skullburger is more effective than any mixtures of amphetamines.

The event featured several activities. The one we all know about is the DJ. This event contained a classic DJ and dance floor space. The big surprise of the event was the Mechanic Bull Rodeo. The event goers would try to compete against each others in staying on the bull the longest. There was also a classical carnival ball toss game with milk bottles. A new quite interesting activity was Lasso the Longhorn, in which the Longhorn head would move sideways and the participants would try to lasso the Longhorn.

At 1:50AM, the lights turned on, event goers who were totally into their own world dancing to DJ became startled, and their emotions confused. They knew they wanted to continue living this few carefree moments, but the light acted as like their reminders. That there are still school, duties, and commitments to follow up on. Students became exasperated. Activities came to still, and the whole life and energy of the bash became quiet. The students flocked back to their dorms, while the brothers stood across the campus, making sure everyone returned to their locations safely. The latest update from Kappa Gamma Fraternity are that the brothers are looking forward to the next event.

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