No Kitchen? No Problem!

When you’re in college, it can be a challenge to live without a kitchen especially when you’re trying to be healthy. It was a big challenge for me since I am vegetarian and need to follow a gluten free diet. Did you know that it’s possible to cook without having a kitchen? You can even cook almost anything in your dorm room!  I even can make oatmeal, boiled eggs, soup, applesauce, and cookies! The possibilities are endless!

The question is, can you really make meals in your room when there’s no kitchen? Yes, you can! Even without a microwave, you can still make delicious meals. I’ve ordered most of my kitchen supplies on Amazon using the Amazon Prime Student which allows me to get free shipping with any order of $35 and up. Amazon Prime Student costs $49 annually. I know it’s pricy, but it’s just one payment for an entire year, and it’s definitely worth it. It’s fifty percent off of the normal Prime membership fee. The best part of Amazon Prime is that you can get a free one month trial!

First thing you’ll want to order from Amazon is a rice cooker. It’s my best friend, and it doesn’t only cook rice, but many other dishes too. Note: make sure that it’s a non-stick rice cooker. so it’s easier to wash. I typically make scrambled eggs, soup, canned food, spaghetti, and boiled eggs with the rice cooker. I also use it to warm up leftover food, and much better than a microwave because the food doesn’t become soggy. The rice cooker is my number one favorite kitchen appliance. I absolutely cannot live without it!

Another useful kitchen appliance that is actually allowed in the dorm room is a crockpot. The best part about using a crock pot is that you can just throw a bunch of ingredients in there in the morning, turn it on, and it’ll be ready by the time class is over. You’ll be surprised what delicious meals you can make with it. I use it to keep my leftovers warm, make soup, burrito fixings, and cookies! I know it sounds weird, but if there’s cookies, I’m always down.

Another appliance I use often is a blender. I use it all the time to make my protein shakes. However, there are so many other dishes you can make with just a simple blender. I usually make a simple cookie dough dip made out of chickpeas with the blender as well. Plus, I make the most delicious apple sauce using the crock pot and blender.

The last, but definitely not the least kitchen appliance, is the world-renowned coffee maker. Many students already use this for coffee, of course. Although, I have found many other uses for the coffee machine that isn’t even related to coffee. You can run the coffee machine and make hot water alone. Using the hot water, you can cook pasta, ramen noodles, or even oatmeal.

According to the Student Handbook, all kitchen appliances that I have listed above is indeed allowed in the dorm. If there are other appliances you are unsure if it is allowed in the dorms or not, I’d suggest you look at the student handbook. Don’t feel limited with what foods you can cook just because you live in a dorm. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be a little bit creative. Happy Cooking!

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