Spring Break – Where Are We Supposed to Eat?

As far as we know, the cafeteria is usually closed during spring break. This may seem to be reasonable for some, but for others, it’s an unnecessary obstacle. Spring break is a week when almost everybody leaves the campus to go on vacation, travel, or explore other areas. Yet, what about those that are remained on campus during the week due to internships, or perhaps those who cannot afford to go anywhere? This is where the issue comes from. Please take note that this article is my own opinion, and is in no way intended to be considered negative toward any services on campus.

Over the week of spring break, I met several students that decided to remain on campus and they expressed their concerns about the cafeteria being closed during that week. They said that it doesn’t make sense since it was open during Thanksgiving break. During that week, instead of operating on their usual schedule, they opened the cafeteria at 9am and close at 7pm. During this week, two other dining options (Rathskellar and Marketplace) have limited schedules, with one of them being closed for the whole week. During that week, students can still use their blocks to purchase their meals.

The administration quietly announced that the block services would be disabled during spring break, leaving those students with only two choices: to buy food with their own personal money, or to seek out someone to provide food to them. I am sure that they took this in consideration of how students will not be able to afford anything if they do not have their own source of income. They are being forced to be more careful with their own budgets and rely on their peers to get by the week.

If such a system was set up to ensure the students who cannot afford anything will still have access to food, especially those with block service, I am sure that during the week we would see less of the complaints on social media. This would also allow students to be able to stay in touch with their friends, instead of being stuck in the bedroom with nothing but Netflix as a source of entertainment for themselves. I think this would make spring break somewhat bearable for those that cannot go off campus due to numerous reasons, including assignments, internship, and so on.

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