Madame Tussaud’s Wax Tour Comes To A Tragic End


Phoenix, Arizona– At the downtown Phoenix Wal-Mart parking lot, people were shopping at Wal-Mart for cheap goodies and taking a gawk at the trailer that was in the parking lot.

That trailer was promoting Madame Tussaud’s Wax Tours in the hope that people would visit the actual museum. It had visited 37 different cities across the United States, and the trailer driver had been ticketed twelve times for speeding on the interstates. The figurines on the tour are D-List celebrities such as Ms. Bean, Tom Sailboat, Alexandria Granola Doorbell, and Oscar the Dumpster. The wax museum decided that the tour across the US would be a great marketing idea and planned a stop at Phoenix, Arizona, a bustling city.

What they didn’t factor in is the temperature in Phoenix. Phoenix temperatures could range from ninety to hundred-twenty degrees daily. It was so hot that the Phoenix swamp where rich people mingle has been drained leaving nothing in the swamp. The heat index was so high that the National Weather Service couldn’t keep track of it, as the thermometers kept breaking down. Despite the warnings from the National Weather Service to tell people stay inside, Madame Tussaud’s continued to host the wax tour.

The wax tour has several different figurines set up around the parking lot with activities such as wax hands and lectures by Marc Sculpt, 55, who has sculpted 73 sculptures in his career. However, this was cancelled due to the stage being unleveled and Sculpt face planting frequently. The figurines didn’t have any tents or cooling units to help to maintain safe internal temperatures. Within two hours of the tour; the figurines started to soften up like a block of butter left on the counter to rise up to “room temperature,” only to be forgotten by the baker, who would shriek when found the counter full of melted butter.

The figurines became deformed and starting to bubble into a pool of wax. People were trying to avoid the wax puddles while kids gleefully playing in the puddle despite orders from the security guards to stop. Crashing noises were heard when the final piece of the sculptures heads rolled down toward the parking lot. The wax sculptures became a wax pond in front of officials’ faces, in shock of what had just happened. Madame Tussaud’s posted on the official Facebook account announcing the cancellation of the remaining two cities in the tour list (Minot, North Dakota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota). Museum officials are now scrambling what to fill the void for those two cities. They are considering a partnership with Yankee Candle® to offer a candle wax tour as an alternative.

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