Meet SBG Candidates Jehanne McCullough and Rochelle Carty-Bauman in 500 Words

So, you watched the platform speeches at the library or on Facebook live feed, but how well do you really know presidential candidate Jehanne and vice presidential candidate Rochelle and their vision for the 2017-2018 Student Body Government (SBG)? Read on to learn more about their platform, as well as some rarely known facts about this dynamic duo.

Q: Why are you running for SBG President and Vice President?

Jehanne: I love Gallaudet and want our university to be an inclusive, student-centered place that supports both academics and student activities. I have worked in the Judicial and Executive branches of the SBG, Youth Programs, and the Gallaudet Office of Administration. I have a pretty good idea of what makes Gallaudet run and what will make it run even better.

Rochelle: I second that about my love for Gallaudet! I have been a member of our swim team, a Delta Epsilon sister and a Peer Mentor. I worked in the Legislative branch of the SBG, too, so between the two of us, we have experience in all three branches of the SBG and we are the only team that brings this experience.

Q: How did you team up as candidates?

Jehanne: How we became a team is a story that goes back to the summer of 2013, when we were campers and decided to challenge the Youth Leadership Camp status quo.

Rochelle: Pageant night was coming up and everyone was getting into opposite-sex pairs. We had just met and barely knew each other, but we decided to be our own team. The pageant committee looked a little doubtful about our plan, like they didn’t quite know how to react to the idea of two girls competing, but we persisted.

Jehanne: And we made history by becoming the first same-sex pair to compete in the pageant – and we placed second! That was when we knew we were a good team. When I decided to run for SBG president, I was confident that Rochelle would be a great partner, someone not afraid to do things differently, which is what we aim to do next year.

Q: Tell us about your plans for SBG.

Jehanne: First of all, we are emphasizing inclusion, which means welcoming everyone to SBG so we can work together. This is your SBG – whether you are a freshman, an international student, an athlete or actor, a Person of Color, a Muslim, Jew, Christian, or atheist, able-bodied or not, Deaf-blind, queer, straight, transgender, sorority or fraternity member, an independent, and so on. We want to increase representation in Student Congress by adding representatives from each dorm, from programs such as Jumpstart, and at-large.

Rochelle: We want students to have the opportunity to get academic credit for their work with SBG. So many of the jobs require a lot of time and effort, but they are worth doing because they allow students to develop skills and become more community oriented by giving back to Gallaudet. For example, students working on the Homecoming Committee could get class or internship credit from different departments including Business, just like students who perform in plays already have the option of getting theater department credit for their work.

Jehanne: We have many great goals related to block plans and Halal food in the cafeteria, SBG town halls, community service, English Language Institute, Tutorial & Instructional Programs, and more. Ask us about them when you see us around campus! Come watch the candidates’ debate on Thursday, April 6th at 8pm.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Rochelle: Even halfway through my fifth semester at Gallaudet I’ve never drank a cup of coffee or an energy drink for an adrenalin rush to get through the day or finish an assignment.

Jehanne: Back in elementary school, I kept a pair of 3-inch-long Madagascar roaches as pets. More than a few friends refused to sleep in my bedroom during those years!


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  1. Payton
    April 7, 2017 at 7:45 AM #

    Jehanne and Rochelle presented themselves very well. I liked how Jehanne explained her experience with the office of administration and how it will help with the 6th st project. Their idea about credit and internship is a great idea. The fact that they checked with Bobbi for feasibility showed professionalism. They will do well!

    Naima and Imonie may do well next year if they focus on getting more experience. They are still learning and have limited SBG or job experience.

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